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Pet Relocation Tips, Advice & Checklist Are you relocating to Singapore with your beloved furry friends? Pets add a lot of joy to any household and we understand that you want them to join you on your move. However, moving with pets can be tricky – especially if this is your first time relocating internationally […]
Differences Between A Freight Forwarder and A Shipping Agent Both freight forwarder and shipping agent deal with logistics in companies. However, the roles of a freight forwarder vary from those of a shipping agent. How to differentiate a forwarding agent from a shipping services provider If you are a forwarding expert, you will be handling […]
What Is A Freight Forwarder Individuals and other business premises organize their goods shipments through an organization by the name freight-forwarder. In some instances, a freight forward plays a freight carrier, or else they might opt to look for another option, for example, a third-party carrier. Freight-forwarders act as the medium between the carriers and […]
FORUM FACTS > 250 managers in senior positions attended last years conference 28 companies exhibited in the Innovation Exhibition 14 Foundation Partners are engaged in the whole conference program 7 keynotes, 8 lectures put into 4 Masterclasses, 3 plant tours, 3 workshops, a panel discussion Guided tours through the Exhibition, Exhibition Sprints, Gala Dinner, and […]